Roman Gryniuk
Rector, Doctor of
Legal Sciences, Professor
Welcome speech by the rector

Below is a success story about the life of a university community that has gone through war, evacuation and rebirth in exile.

I am thankful to everyone who has survived this period together with the University, the period full of patience, hopes, challenges and achievements.

Today Vasyl Stus’ Donetsk National University is an open internationally recognized academic community and a leading center of education, science and innovation, which adheres to the principles of university autonomy and meets the needs of society for highly qualified specialists.

We are the leader of the educational sector in the Central Ukrainian region, accepting 2,500 students during each of the past two years. I express gratitude to the students of our University and their parents for their trust!

Vasyl Stus’ Donetsk National University has been actively cooperating with local governments and businesses, thus creating a highly qualified expert environment.

Despite the difficulties, we continue to improve our infrastructure. The number of University buildings is growing while the classrooms, laboratories, computer classes, and libraries are becoming equipped with more and more facilities. We launched a student coworking center and are intensively working on the creation of an academic campus, which will be an excellent place to live, work, study, attain self-realization, provide space for creativity and personal growth of the team.

It is a time to pay off debts. We did not succeed in implementing the initiative to name the university after our famous graduate in Donetsk in 2008-2009, but did this in 2016 after the University moved to the small homeland of Vasyl Stus, the poet, human rights activist and the hero of Ukraine.

Our University community has its own corporate spirit and adheres to the principles of academic integrity, collegiality, humanism and student-centered learning.

Active international cooperation is an integral part of our life, which makes the University an active participant of global integration and modernization processes in the field of education, intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding between nations and regions of the world.

We continue our glorious traditions and multiply the achievements of previous scientific schools and dynasties of scientists, our graduates and students. Looking confidently into the future, we are happy to realize that we have become a symbol of courage, resilience and unity of the academic community.

Our University’ history and activities reflect the inseparable connection of generations, the heroic history of our country and the irresistible desire for freedom.

We are moving towards the implementation of the Development Strategy to 2025 and its components, because Nomen est omen!

Roman Gryniuk

Rector, Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor