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Environmental education as a global trend

The composition of the scientific group: Head of the project: Yurii Moiseev – Ph.D. in Law, Assistant Professor of the Department of Commercial Law. Research team: Yuliya Uralova – Ph.D. in Law, Acting Head of the Department of Civil Law and Procedure. Yevheniya Lypnytska – Ph.D. in Law, Assistant Professor of the Department of Commercial Law.

General information about the research group implementing the project

The team consists of three PhDs who have publications and experience in the field.

Short description of the project

Currently, the world is facing the problem of preserving the environment due to non-compliance with environmental safety requirements. To address this problem, various measures at the global and national levels are taken, but they are mostly occasional and do not radically change the situation. Therefore, a lot of European universities are currently implementing full-fledged environmental education programs within various specialties or separate courses in legal education, because the problem can be solved only through the transformation of public consciousness. The project aims to undertake an interdisciplinary study of emissions, recycling, waste sorting and environmental cleanup, provide corresponding recommendations for legislative drafting activities in this area, develop certification programs, trainings and micro-courses. The project can also be adapted for implementation at the temporarily occupied and post-conflict territories of Ukraine due to the presence of environmental problems there.

The most significant results achieved.

Components of environmental legal education were developed; the measures to improve the level of environmental safety and the ways for implementing them in Ukraine were proposed; ways to improve the environmental situation in the regions affected by the military conflict in eastern Ukraine were defined.

 Available equipment.

Computers, printer, projector, scanner.

Important publications.

 Moiseev Yu. Environmental education as an important component of sustainable development of business activities. Sixth All-Ukrainian Congress of Ecologists with International Participation “Ecology-2017” (Vinnytsia, September 20-22, 2017). Vinnytsia: VNTU, 2017. P. 235-236 (in Ukrainian).

Moiseev Yu. On the issue of environmentalization of higher legal education as an important component of professional teaching of lawyers. The first international scientific-practical conference “Ecology of Donbass: lessons of history and challenges of the present” (Grafske, Volnovakha raion, Donetsk oblast, October 10-11, 2017). P.67-70 (in Ukrainian).


Head of the project: moiseev.ua@donnu.edu.ua