Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Information and Applied Technologies, DonNU-Podillya Science Park
Innovations and academic entrepreneurship: from strategy to success

The composition of the scientific group: Head of the project: Iryna Koval – Doctor of Law, Assistant Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Law. Research team: Nataliya Shcherbakova – Ph.D. in Law, Assistant Professor of the Department of Civil Law and Procedure. Anzhelika Krakovska – Ph.D. in Law, Assistant Professor, Head of the Department of Theory and History of State and Law and Administrative Law. Kateryna Kalachenkova – Ph.D in Law, Assistant Professor of the Department of Commercial Law.

General information about the research group implementing the project

The team includes one Doctor and one PhD who have publications and experience in the field.

Short description of the project

History knows many examples when creativity and originality of an idea became the key to its successful implementation. Currently, innovations are the key factor of existence and progress of any state. It was the purchase of a large number of patents for inventions, which their owners had not fully appreciated, that helped Japan emerge from the crisis after World War II and become one of the world’s leading economies. In addition, higher education institutions have always been the locomotive of economic development, provided they have a strong teaching staff, material and technical base, as well as students and scientists having an original approach to solving typical situations. Thus, an innovative academic entrepreneurship has a huge potential for profit earning and the progress of a country and society. At the same time, it is associated with significant risks in terms of project payback. Comprehensive research in this area will help to coordinate the efforts of specialists from different fields of knowledge, amend the legal framework for the implementation of information projects and improve the conditions for doing business in the field of creating, attracting and implementing innovations. The project is aimed at practice-oriented, legislative drafting activities, conducting of trainings individual programs and micro-courses.

The most significant results achieved.

The conditions and forms of higher educational institutions’ participation in innovative academic entrepreneurship are analyzed; the most effective areas for realization of entrepreneurial potential of higher educational institutions are defined; recommendations for improving the regulatory framework in this area were developed.

Available equipment.

Computers, printer, projector, scanner.

Important publications.

Koval I., Shcherbakova N. Special aspects of participation of higher education institutions in establishing innovation entities. Entrepreneurship, economy and law. 2020. No.5 (in Ukrainian).

Koval I., Turchenko E. On the issue of creating science parks in Ukraine. Scientific worksӘділет(Republic of Kazakhstan). 2017. No. 2. P. 25-33 (in Russian).

Koval I. Participation of higher education institutions in innovative relations. Law Journal of Donetsk University. 2015. No.1-2. P. 37-40 (in Ukrainian).


Head of the project:  koval@donnu.edu.ua