Faculty of Law, Department of Psychology
Mediation in the legal field

The composition of the scientific group: Head of the project: Yurii Moiseev – Ph.D. in Law, Assistant Professor of the Department of Commercial Law. Research team: Kateryna Kalachenkova – Ph.D. in Law, Assistant Professor of the Department of Commercial Law. Mykola Udod – Ph.D., Assistant Professor of the Department of Theory and History of State and Law and Administrative Law. Inna Lekhkodukh – senior lecturer of the Department of Commercial Law.

General information about the research group implementing the project

The team consists of three PhDs and one senior lecturer who have publications and experience in the field.

Short description of the project

Adaptation and implementation of the concept of pre-trial (non-judicial) way of settling legal conflicts, primarily through the use of mediation, is based on the fact that in the European countries and the United States only a small part of legal conflicts is brought to court. Most are resolved out of court, including through mediation. The project aims to adapt and implement mediation practices, understand the role of mediators in resolving legal conflicts, which will ultimately reduce the burden on the judiciary. As a result, the certificate program “Alternative Dispute Resolution”, training programs and micro-courses will be developed.

The most significant results achieved.

Mediation methods were adapted for law students; ways to implement them in the educational process were developed to help students acquire basic skills of pre-trial and non judicial conflict resolution.

Available equipment

Computers, printer, projector, scanner.


Head of the project: moiseev.ua@donnu.edu.ua