Faculty of Economics, Department of Management and Behavioral Economics, Department of Entrepreneurship, Corporate and Spatial Economics
Training program on “smile-philosophy of life and efficiency: management and service competence”

The composition of the scientific group: Doctor of Ec. Sc., Professor Shaulska L., PhD in Economics, Assistant Professor Trehubov O., PhD in Economics Sereda H., PhD in Economics Krymova O.

General information about the research group implementing the project

The team includes professional coaches who have experience in teaching, research and coaching. In total, the team developed about 10 author training programs and conducted more than 50 trainings. The group has experience in implementing online training programs and webinars, including the online educational project “Your business – a step of experience”, which was implemented in the part of Donetsk oblast controlled by Ukraine.

Short description of the project

The success of service enterprises in the economy of impressions is determined by the quality of customer service, the ability of management and staff to implement creative ideas for the best service and ensure high level of customer orientation of business and people involved in it. The latter is provided by a set of objective and subjective factors, among which the most important is professionalism and values of managers, who are aware of their role in forming a customer-oriented service for potential and real customers – residents of the region and tourists. Implementing this system of values is possible through smile-philosophy service – a set of interconnected principles that ensure a balanced positive state of everyone in the service sector (service providers and recipients).

The purpose of service smile-philosophy is to provide a positive and comfortable way to meet the needs of customers and service workers. Vinnytsia has a strong potential to provide comfortable living, recreation for residents and guests of the city, development of tourism and recreation, while the level of customer orientation among the service enterprise staff does not always meet high standards of customer service. This requires both proper managerial influence and gaining of skills in customer-oriented service by the employees of service companies. The idea of the project is to develop competencies in customer-oriented service and practice appropriate behavioral models with service enterprise staff in accordance with the principles of smile-service philosophy.

The project “Smile-philosophy of life and efficiency: management and service competence” is aimed at the implementation of a comprehensive training program covering communication management, sales theory and the latest concepts of behavioral economics, economics of impressions as well as holding of trainings for employees of service enterprises of all forms of ownership, directly engaged in customer service.

Expected results: increase of competitiveness and profitability of service enterprises due to improvement of quality of customer service, professional and personal growth of service personnel.

The complex training program “Smile-philosophy of life and efficiency: management and service competence” includes the following training elements:

  1. “Smile-philosophy of management” – aimed at forming students’ managerial competencies, including personal performance management, managing employee behavior, managing employee thinking, influencing consumer behavior and perception of changes by them, forming a set of knowledge about key management roles and practicing appropriate behavioral leadership models.
  2. “Smile-philosophy in customer service” – aimed at forming a customer-oriented approach to customer service, developing skills to establish trust, identifying basic customer needs, building communications based on the use of the language of customer benefits, developing skills to deal with objections and difficult customers.
  3. “Smile-thinking and smile-approaches in the fight against emotional burnout” – aimed at developing an understanding among staff about emotions and their role in professional life, forming basic components of emotional intelligence, developing skills to diagnose and combat burnout, learning techniques of personal and professional development.

Each of these trainings can be implemented either as a part of a comprehensive training program, or separately, in accordance with the current tasks of the customer.

The most significant results achieved

6 series of trainings were conducted for 150 students. The participants of the training were: heads, administrators and employees of the centers of administrative services of Vinnytsia region, administrators and dispatchers of municipal enterprises of Vinnytsia, heads of municipal enterprises of Vinnytsia.

Application areas

The training program is designed for staff and managers of enterprises, organizations, private entrepreneurs working in the field of commercial and administrative services


Larysa Shaulska (team leader)

e-mail: l.shaulska@donnu.edu.ua