Research department, Research laboratory in “Chemistry of polyoxometals and complex oxide systems”
Powder materials based on calcium hydroxyapatite for medicine and environmental purposes

The composition of the scientific group: Yevhen HETMAN, Doctor of Chemistry, Professor, Senior Research Fellow, Head of the project, Serhiy RADIO, PhD in Chemistry, Head of the Research Department, Principal investigator of the project, Heorhii ROZANTSEV, Doctor of Chemistry, Professor, Head of the Department of Inorganic, Organic and Analytical Chemistry, Oleksandra MARIICHAK, junior researcher of the Research Department, Yuliya OLEKSII, laboratory assistant of the Department of Inorganic, Organic and Analytical Chemistry, Olena POPOVSKA, master's student

General information about the research group implementing the project

The research team has realized the following research projects: “New compositions based on bioactive hydroxyapatite and polyoxometals of some d-elements for medical purposes” (State Registration No. 0104U002154, 2004-2006), “Bioactive calcium hydroxyapatite and polyoxometals of d- and f-elements for creation of medical materials” (No. 0107U001461, 2007-2009), “Polyoxomolybdates and polyoxotungstates with one-, double- and triple-charged metal cations for the creation of new materials” (No. 0116U002521; 2016–2018), “Preparation of modified monomers for epoxy resins and polyoxol-tungstates for the creation of new materials” (No. 0115U003099; 2014–2015), “Silicates of rare earth and alkaline elements with apatite structure and modified lead zirconate-titanate ”(No. 0112U002705; 2012–2014); “Polyoxometalates of group 5 and group 6 elements in solutions, in solid phase and in medical compositions with hydroxyapatite” (No. 0113U001530; 2013–2015), “Substitution of lead for rare earth elements in hydroxophosphates and hydroxovanadates with apatite structure” (2009-2011), “Substitution of alkaline earth metals for trivalent elements in hydroxyvanadates and substitution of phosphate ion in calcium hydroxyphosphate” (2006-2008), “Conjugated heterovalent substitutions of alkaline earth metals for trivalent elements in structures with apatite compound” (2003-2005). According to the results of the research, nearly 100 articles in peer-reviewed journals (Scopus) and a monograph were published, 10 utility model patents of Ukraine were obtained.

Short description of the project

The project aims to create competitive modern bioactive materials for medical purposes and sorption materials for personal protective equipment and household air conditioning systems based on modified calcium hydroxyapatite.

The most significant results achieved

New compositions based on calcium hydroxyapatite were created. They can be used for: treatment of periodontitis with destruction of bone structures; management of acute deep caries of teeth; compaction of dentin in deep caries; elimination of the consequences of traumatic tooth extraction; stopping the processes of bone resorption in the periapical area of the tops of the roots of periodontal teeth; remodeling of destroyed bone during the treatment of chronic periodontitis; stimulation of the vascular-nervous bundle during the treatment of deep dentin lesions in a closed tooth cavity; permanent filling of root canals during destructive periodontitis in molars; treatment of destructive periodontitis; helping patients with diabetes to prevent complications from traumatic tooth extraction.

Effective sorbents are created that can be used as surface coatings and components in protective agents capable of absorbing viruses, microbes and toxic substances.

Application areas

Medicine and health care (ceramic implants, sorbents for personal protective equipment, coatings and components of respirators capable of absorbing viruses, microbes and toxic substances), ecology (sorption materials)

Available equipment

Laboratory ionomer “I-160MI”, pH-meter “pH-150MI”, electric muffle furnace CHO 4/1100, drying cabinet UOSlab, magnetic stirrers, aquadistillator, laboratory glassware, chemical reagents

Important publications

Patent 2088521. Russian Federation, IPC7 С01В25/32. The method of obtaining hydroxylapatite / Belousova E., Rozantsev H., Hetman Ye. / Applicant and patent holder Donetsk State University No. 93032767/25; declared 23.06.93; publ. 27.08.1997 (in Russian).

Patent 114285. The method of obtaining silicon oxyapatites of sodium and rare earth metals. Hetman Ye., Pasichnyk L., Borisova K., Chebyshev K., Radio S. (Ukraine) Application No. u201607529 of 11.07.2016, IPC (2006) C01D 7/00, C01B 33/00, C01B 33/20 (2006.01), date of publication 10.03.2017, Bull. No. 5. – 4 p. (in Ukrainian).

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