Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics
The right to decent work: problems of implementation in ukraine.

The composition of the scientific group: Head of the project: Liliya Amelicheva – Ph.D. in Law, Assistant Professor of the Department of Civil Law and Procedure. Research team: Tetyana Mikhaylina – Doctor of Law, Assistant Professor, Professor of the Department of Theory and History of State and Law and Administrative Law. Kateryna Kalachenkova – Ph.D in Law, Assistant Professor of the Department of Commercial Law. Liliya Nikitenko – Ph.D. in Law, Assistant Professor of the Department of Constitutional, International and Criminal Law.

General information about the research group implementing the project

The team consists of one Doctor and two PhDs who have publications and experience in the field.

Short description of the project

The project is based on modern understanding of the right to work, according to which a provision a job for a person is not as important as the realization of this right on the basis of security, non-discrimination, dignity etc. Currently, the right to work is realized in Ukraine, while the concept of decent work is poorly implemented. The project aims to analyze the problems faced by individuals in exercising their right to work, and preventing them from realization of their right to decent work. Recommendations for improvement of legislation and practice of doing business in this area will be developed. Trainings and micro-courses will be organized, grant applications will be submitted.

The most significant results achieved.

The concept of employee’s right to decent work was developed; the components of this right were analyzed; the peculiarities of realization of the right to decent work by vulnerable groups of the population were defined; the role of social dialogue during the realization of the right to decent work was analyzed; recommendations were made regarding the amendments in the legislation that would guarantee the right to decent work.

 Available equipment.

Computers, printer, projector, scanner.

Important publications.

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Head of the project: amelicheva@donnu.edu.ua