Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Faculty of Information and Applied Technologies, Department of Psychology.
The underworld: the mechanism of formation and the ways of minimization

The composition of the scientific group: Head of the project: Tetyana Mikhaylina – Doctor of Law, Assistant Professor, Professor of the Department of Theory and History of State and Law and Administrative Law. Research team: Iryna Koval – Doctor of Law, Assistant Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Law. Yuliya Pavlyuchenko – Ph.D. in Law, Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor of the Department of Commercial Law. Hanna Petrenko – Ph.D. in Law, Assistant Professor of the Department of Theory and History of State and Law and Administrative Law.

General information about the research group implementing the project

The team consists of two Doctors and two PhDs who have publications and experience in the field.

Short description of the project

In any society, in greater or lesser numbers, there exist negative informal norms along with official regulators. These norms influence a wide range of social relations and significantly hamper the development of any country. The norms can be divided into the following big blocks: shadow law, shadow policy, shadow economy, etc. The shadow sector in Ukraine, according to the most optimistic (official) data, reaches over 60%. The project aims to optimize the knowledge about legal norms and their formation, identify the sets of shadow norms in various spheres of public life and develop recommendations for minimizing the shadow sector in a particular area. Training programs and micro-courses will be developed. Grant applications within the calls for research proposals will be submitted.

The most significant results achieved.

The peculiarities of informal law and the sphere, where they are distributed the most, were revealed. The risks of shadow regulators in public life are demonstrated and their influence on social relations its consequences are defined. The specific nature of informal norms in different spheres (informal law, shadow economy, shadow policy) are analyzed. A set of recommendations for reducing the shadow regulation sector is developed and can be implemented in law-making activities.

Available equipment

Computers, printer, projector, scanner.

Important publications.

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Head of the project: mihaylina@donnu.edu.ua