Faculty of Economics. Department of Business Statistics and Economic Cybernetics.
Training on data science and data analysis.

The composition of the scientific group: Sydorova, A., Burkina, N., Popovskyi, Yu.

General information about the research group implementing the project
  • Antonyna Sydorova, the Head of the Department of Business Statistics and Economic Cybernetics, Doctor of Economics, Professor.
  • Natalia Burkina, Mathematician, Economist, PhD in Pedagogics, Assistant Professor of the Department of Business Statistics and Economic Cybernetics
  • Yurii Popovskyi, worked as a head of information and computer centers in various HEIs, PhD in Pedagogics, Assistant Professor of the Department of Business Statistics and Economic Cybernetics

Short description of the project

The training on Data Science and Data Analysis is aimed at demonstrating how to use big data and process it to promote effective decision-making in the area of management. The practical part of the training involves building by students of data science models in MS Excel, StatSoft Statistica Enterprise, SPSS and MS Power BI.

Practical application of the models can help to define weak points and trends on the market as soon as possible; manage the outflow of customers; assess risks and make forecasts in sales and marketing more accurately; identify the target audience, segment customers, communicate in a personalized way in the mass market and create personalized offers; structure and visualize large data sets; build analytical and management decision-making dashboards.

The training is designed for those who understand the importance of solutions based on modern approaches and tools of data processing (analytics, machine learning, Big Data, artificial intelligence, etc.); want to understand the opportunities of a systematic approach to data analysis; want to identify the best ways of using these technologies in an organization (marketing, sales, logistics, operations management, production, finance, HR-management, risk management, etc.); look for conceptually new, groundbreaking solutions for their business (a new level of personalized proposals, creation of new products and services, other business models).

The most significant results achieved

  • The role of Big Data in the application of data analysis in management is defined. The ways of using Big Data technologies are shown.
  • The main industries that benefit most from the introduction of Big Data at enterprises are considered. Emphasis is placed on such areas as marketing, HR management, retail, education, banking, healthcare and manufacturing.
  • Main methods of data analysis in different areas are highlighted.
  • Advantages of implementing tools for working with Big Data and data analysis using modern technologies and methods of artificial intelligence for business are identified.
  • Competitive advantages for a business that uses Big Data and methods for corporate big data analysis when making decisions in the sphere of management are defined.
  • Classical and modern methods of data analysis, which can be used in various economic spheres in order to improve business performance, taking into account the peculiarities of their adaptation to Ukrainian business, are systematized.
  • Methodology for applying the Data science and modern analytical software to doing business in Ukraine is developed.
  • Recommendations for the use of the proposed methodology in order to analyse data at different types of enterprises and organizations while solving such tasks as forecasting the market situation; marketing and sales optimization; customer retention, forecasting the dynamics of product improvement prices; making management decisions; increase labor productivity; efficient logistics; monitoring the condition of fixed assets etc are developed.
  • The training on DATA SCIENCE AND DATA ANALYSIS was developed for specialists of Vinnytsia City Council, heads of various departments, business representatives, economists, analysts.

Application areas

Customer outflow management; risk assessment and forecasting in sales and marketing; identification of the target audience, implementation of customer segmentation for personalized communication in the mass market and creation of personal offers; structuring and visualization of large data sets; creation of analytical and management decision-making dashboards.

Available equipment

Laptop, software.

Important publications

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+38(095) 3563102, sydorova.sav@donnu.edu.ua – Sydorova A.

+38(050) 4783683, n.burkina@donnu.edu.ua – Burkina N.

+38(096) 3702547, ju.popovskiy@donnu.edu.ua – Popovskyi Yu.